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    At Beacon Fires, we specialise in providing Kinsale with an exceptional array of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, each designed to offer not just warmth but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

    Situated conveniently in Kinsale, our showroom is a sanctuary for those seeking the highest quality in home heating solutions.

    Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of heating options, from the rustic charm of wood burners to the versatile efficiency of multi-fuel stoves. Supported by our expert team, we ensure that every client receives tailored advice and professional installation services, making the journey towards a cosier home an enjoyable experience.

    Unrivalled Selection of Heating Solutions Kinsale

    Fireplace Inserts:

    Upgrade your traditional fireplace with these inserts that seamlessly fit into the existing fireplace opening. Available in wood-burning and multi-fuel options, they make efficient use of space to maximize heat output while minimizing heat loss.

    Cassette Stoves:

    Insert these sleek, modern stoves into either a fireplace or a non-combustible wall. Available in various sizes and fuel types, they serve as a stylish focal point in any room, offering both functionality and contemporary design.

    Free Standing Stoves:

    These stoves distribute heat evenly through convection and can be placed closer to combustible materials. Ideal for larger spaces like extensions, they feature larger models equipped with a twin wall chimney system for effective heating.

    Wall Mounted Stoves:

    Achieve a modern aesthetic with these stoves, which install ‘floating’ above the floor. They can be paired with either a twin wall system or a traditional chimney, combining space-saving design with efficient heating solutions

    Why Choose Beacon Fires Kinsale?

    Beacon Fires is distinguished as Kinsale’s leading supplier of stoves for several compelling reasons.

    Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction motivates us to offer exclusively superior products and services.

    Recognising the significance of heating solutions that are both practical and visually appealing, we meticulously curate our selection to uphold the highest benchmarks of efficiency, design, and environmental stewardship.

    When you choose Beacon Fires, you’re selecting a committed partner devoted to delivering the finest in home heating solutions.

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    Client Testimonials

    From start to finish it was a pleasure to deal with Jude, his knowledge and expertise was invaluable in helping us make a decision on which type of fire to choose. This combined with the speed of delivery and installation was amazing. Our fire was ordered and installed within 2 weeks. John undertook the installation and his attention to detail was exceptional, he removed all of the rubble and packaging and hoovered the space before he finished up.​

    Tim Shanahan

    I recently purchased a fireplace from Beacon fires. The customer service range of products and price were exceptional in comparison to other stores when shopping around. Jude was so helpful knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend beacon fires.​

    Ann Marie O Donovan

    Great company to deal with. Gave loads of time to discuss and pick what options were best for us. Would highly recommend.

    Ross Curtis

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Beacon Fires, we specialise in a diverse range of heating solutions, including wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, cassette stoves, freestanding stoves, and wall-mounted stoves. Our selection is designed to cater to various aesthetic preferences and heating requirements.

    Absolutely! We welcome you to visit our showroom located at Airways Technology Park, Rathmacullig West, Cork. Here, you can explore our extensive collection of stoves and receive personalised advice from our expert team.

    Yes, we provide professional installation services for all our stoves. Our trade-qualified installation team ensures that your new stove is installed seamlessly, adhering to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

    Yes, our stoves are designed with efficiency and the environment in mind. Modern wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are significantly more efficient than open fires, reducing emissions and burning fuel more cleanly. This makes them a more eco-friendly heating solution.

    The right size stove depends on the dimensions of your space and your heating needs. As a general rule, you can calculate the required output in kilowatts by multiplying the volume of your room (in cubic metres) by 0.07. Our team can provide a more personalised recommendation based on your specific circumstances.

    Wood burning stoves are designed specifically for burning wood, offering efficient heat and a cosy ambiance. Multi-fuel stoves can burn a variety of solid fuels, including wood, coal, and smokeless fuels, offering flexibility in fuel choice.

    Our stoves are highly efficient, with many models operating at over 80% efficiency. This is significantly higher than traditional open fires, making stoves a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for heating your home.

    Yes, we understand that every home is unique. Our team can work with you to find or customise a stove solution that perfectly fits your home’s design and heating requirements.

    Regular maintenance, including annual chimney sweeps, checking for wear and tear, and using the correct fuel, is key to ensuring your stove’s longevity and efficiency. Our team can provide detailed advice and support for maintaining your specific model.